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WeBase - Kamakura

The brief for this project was to make it similar to Terrace House, a Japanese TV show.

I was a one man production for this project, from shooting, to editing, to final delivery. The only plans were brief summaries of where we would go visit as a group in a span of 2 days, with no location scout prior arrival.

It was a fun and chill team I worked with during the 2 days of shooting. Before production, I watched an entire season of Terrace House. So, every location we’d arrive at, I would have an idea of where the camera was placed, compositions and framing, and so forth. I also shoot them candid, or quickly plan something for the shot.

Shot on Sony FS5 in CINE 3 with 18-105mm f/4.

During post production, I started cutting to the style of Terrace House, along with similar music used and slowed down many 60fps shots to 23.976fps. Occasionally, I shot some in 240fps, such as the surf scene, or the laughing scene by the beach.

Overall, the project was fun. I got to see Kamakura and made some new friends.

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