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Sagawa Soy Sauce

An elegant film on the art of Japanese printmaking using soy sauce to create art pieces.

I was fully in charge of the entire vision of the film. I started with a look and feel, I knew it was related to culture and delicacy, so I went with a slow paced, still shots, occasionally a slow slider to keep visuals interesting, and additionally, a drone shot.

During post production, the initial edit has no color, no music, and no duration limit of 2:00 minutes. This is to get the general feel of the film, and from there, I make editinfg changes to balance the film better.

This project has won Silver Lions at Cannes award.

The equipment I used was Sony FS5 shot on S-Log3, with an 18-105mm f/4, 50mm f/1.8, 24mm f/2.8,a slider, a tripod, and a Mavic Pro drone. A team of 3, the art director, the producer, and me went to Yamaguchi prefecture, and got a car, drove to Iwakuni, Yanai, in the morning at 5:00 A.M. to capture the beautiful morning of the famous Kintai Bridge, on such a lucky timing when the sakura was blossoming. We filmed the soy sauce factory, the master who did the printmaking and calligraphy all separetly as each discipline was in different locations.

The final edit was in its 8th version. I went through tons of samples, different variations of cuts, mainly cutting down to be as simple and as clear as possible.

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