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MUME Vol 003: Lucid

Lucid is a state of hyper consciousness and is experienced when one is confronted with an altering life decision. After running around, jaded from chasing relentlessly, one finds themselves in tune with their own intuition and being one with the true self, away from the noise. One finds back their own homes through a moment of stillness and reassessment. Eventually enclosed in an echo chamber where one’s voice could reverberate as clear as crystal. Lucid is a very personal experience upon entering adulthood, breaking loose from the dependency of structured organizations and external noise.


Executive Producer: Irene Wira
Producer/Film: Dixon Wong
Art Director: Miyiki Murakami
Photographer: Yuji Watanabe
Photo Assistant: Ryohei Hashimoto
Hair & Make: Miku Shigeyama
Models: Tiara Nabila, Miya Bellamy, Emily Osas
Production Assistant: Choe Usu

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