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DTC Brand Film

Production: 44Latency
Executive Producer: Dixon Wong, Newton Soo
Director: Dixon Wong
1st AD: Yohei Okada
DoP: Shen Lin
1st AC: Kaze Chen
Gaffer: Tomoya Yoshimura
Stylist/Props: Miyuki Murakami
Hair & Make: Phoebe Lin
PA: Kenji Hayasaki
PA: Mizuki Komori
Audio Engineer: Gregory Germain
Post Production (Editor/VFX/Color): Dixon Wong

I am very proud to have completed this project from pre-production, to production, and post production.
As a director, I wanted to keep the energy up throughout the entire video so the steadicam build was the way to go.
Shot on the Sony FX6 with Angénieux EZ FF VisataVision Zoom lenses on Steadicam.

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