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Coolish Web Commercial

I was hired by a production company here in Tokyo, called Pyramid Films to be the main editor for this web commercial.

As the main editor, and the only editor, I have to build the project from scratch, organize all the footage, trim the slates and un-usable parts, group, and choose selects. Playing the assistant role took me 6 hours, and then prepare a draft on day 1.

This project was only 5 days, that means 3 days on editorial, and 2 days for coloring. The compositing was part of the editorial.

The footage was shot on a Black Magic Ursa in flat color profile. I looked through all the footage first, and planned a pipeline workflow before actually doing anything. There are shots that include VFX compositing, there is coloring, there are graphics, etc. Once I went through all the shooting notes, editing notes, and color profile sample provided by the DoP, I began laying out the timeline with all the footage.

This is my first project as main editor doing a live edit with clients and with agency sitting in the same room with me. It’s good to prep the project properly so when client or agency requests certain footage, you can pop it up immediately.

Overall, the project was a good experience to learn to edit in front of clients and agency, and be a colorist too.

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