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A personal project with friends telling Arisa’s story.

The key crew members, Luc-Yan, James, and me, Dixon, we wanted to challenge ourselves to improve our visual storytelling and make a short film. Luc-Yan approached the tone and feel of the film to be contrasting between dark and light, and I helped pick the locations to accompany that tone and feel of rooftop and boxing ring closed set to control the lights. Lastly, James was in charge of the camera gear and lenses, and how the film should be shot.

Luc-Yan’s storytelling showcases the internal battle of both worlds of dark and light that Arisa must face.

Japanese Version.

Director: Luc-Yan Picker

Boxer / Model: Arisa Ikura
Boxing Coach: Tommy Adams
Rooftop Photographer: Steffen Yoshiki

Executive Producer: Dixon Wong
Producer: James Clayton Daniels
Assistant Producer: Leanne Yap
Assistant Producer: Ching Wang

Director of Photography: James Clayton Daniels
Camera B Operator: Dixon Wong
1st Assistant Camera: Nanako Kawasaki
2nd Assistant Camera: Shane Shimamoto

Lighting Director: Dixon Wong
Grip & Electric: Ben Rogers

Sound Mixer: Taishi Komori

Hair & Make Up: Takumi Tabata
Hair & Make Up: Hirose Kazuki
Hair & Make Up: June Nabeta

Production Assistant: Elena Assenheimer
Production Assistant: Leanne Yap
Production Assistant: Ching Wang
Driver: Taishi Komori
Location Manager: Newton Soo

Editor: Luc-Yan Picker
Colorist: Toshiki Kamei
Online VFX: Yusaku Yasuda
Music: Justin Frieden

Special Thanks:
TFC Manager - Ryuji Hamazaki
TFC Location Manager - Kotera Maria Theresa

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